Horse agility-3

Horse Agility

Horse agility

Horse agility…….. its like dog agility but with………. yes a horse!

This is a great idea, as horses are flight animals and scare very easily.  This short agility course enables horses to push themselves through unnatural obstacles like soft coloured balls and foamy flexible pipes all with different sounds and textures which hopefully makes them more settled when out and about with their rider.


Shaky Start

Over the weekend I took some images of this event and much fun was had by everyone with lots of bonding going on with horse and rider. Here are just a few images from the event.

Everybody seems to be having a great time after what was quite a tentative start understandably because it was new to both horse and rider.


On the nature trail


The Orchard

I recently took an afternoon out with my big friend called Dave. He showed me some of the wildlife nearby and I had a great time trying to get a shot of fast moving Birds, Dragonflies, Damselflies and (not so fast moving) Butterflies.

The key here is to take your time and look, proper look at your surroundings and it surprising what you can find in the right habitat. 

Right Lens

On this occasion, I used my 100 400 f5.6 zoom lens and with a bit of cropping I managed to get quite close.  Next time I will be taking my 100mm macro lens. The problem then being camera shake. A strong tripod would be needed although this lens does have good image stabilisation. It is just a matter of hoping the subjects sit still for long enough while the image is being composed. Come on, it’s all part of the fun of it so they tell me haha.





I.D. Parade

Any entomologists out there would like to name them for me feel free because I’m no Chris Packham.

So after an hours wander round the orchard it was off to try and get some swifts in a pond over the other side but on this occasion none were sharp enough for my liking.

Home we went then. Some nice weather good company and some images I was pleased with. All in all a good afternoon walk.