Horse and cart Antwerp


Street Performers

On a recent trip to Antwerp, Belgium I came across some street performers of the human statue variety.  It was fun seeing children and adults alike jumping after the initial ‘Are they, Aren’t they’ real.  The town wasn’t that busy on that particular day but there was a great atmosphere nonetheless.

Cullenary street performer Antwerp.

The statues are alive in Antwerp.

Belgium Beers

Grote Markt

The Grote Markt is a town square situated in the old city quarter of Antwerp, which has an enormous City Hall and some Guildhall buildings dating back to the 16th century, exhibiting some absolutely fantastic architecture.

Grote markt Antwerp.

There are also some great cafes, restaurants and bars in the town – hence the beer shot and what a fantastic beer that was too!

Horse and cart Antwerp


Apparently I visited at the wrong time of year because in December the Square is taken over by Christmas markets and even a festive ice rink.

It’s a great place to spend time and if you are anything like me and enjoy a flavoursome beer whilst watching the world go by and a spot of architecture photography, then Antwerp is well worth a visit.



Poppies in a field

Poppies in a field was one of my favourite photos this year. I was trying out a new camera body and accidentally picked up my original 50mm kit lens from 1987.

First Canon EOS

1987 was the year Canon first bought out their EOS system on a film camera and this 50mm was the lens it came with. What Canon did at that time was forward thinking.  They developed a system which evolved into the digital era of photography and this lens is still fully compatible with todays Canon camera bodies.  Even though there is now the EOS R which has a new mount, they created an adaptor to which the older lenses can attach.

Here is the photo taken a few months ago using a 32 year old lens. They may well be expensive things lenses but, looked after, you sure get your moneys worth.  Long may its aperture blades keep closing!