A Christmas Surprise

A Fox Tale.

Had a bit of a Christmas surprise the other day. Back in the Spring and Summer one of the local foxes kept coming into our garden. Now if you have read any of my previous posts you will know that we often have foxes come to the garden in search of food. Well, one particular fox this year really made himself at home.

Most nights he would come in search of food and we noticed he had a mange problem.  My partner bought some mange potion from the Fox Project and laced food with a few drops, positioning it around the garden so that our fox could find it.  Freddy soon caught on………. oh did I tell you someone named him Freddy.  Anyway, this went on for a bit until Freddy would come and sit amongst us when we were sitting in the garden, eventually feeling very relaxed because he would lay facing away from us. He would always have one eye on us if anyone stood up. I guess natural animal instincts were still there.

He used to have fun following Mrs AB Photography around the garden during gardening sessions and digging up newly planted shrubs, sometimes running off with her gardening gloves.  Never letting you get too close – not that we would ever want to invade his space.

Fox sitting on a wall

The Fox had easy access to the garden partly due to groundworks being done by the neighbours.

It was quite an honour for us all to be with this wild animal for most of the summer.

All of a sudden he stopped appearing. We are hoping he just moved on and didn’t succumb to forces of nature or indeed humans.


Well as you can see from the images below I shot loads of images of him throughout the summer months and it was suggested that I send an image up to the Kent Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. The surprise was that I actually won the section I entered –  Wilder Towns and Cities.  You can click on the images to enlarge them for a closer look if you wish.

They are running a campaign to get more people involved with local wildlife. It’s a worthwhile thing to encourage wildlife into your garden and can put a smile on your face just by observing birds, foxes and squirrels while enjoying a glass of wine or sipping on a beer on a warm summers evening.

So a fitting tribute to an old friend is that his face is going to be shown around Kent to promote the Kent Wildlife Campaign. Hopefully next year he might return. Rest assured there will always be a welcome for him in our plot of land in this urban landscape.

Please feel free to leave a comment on here. Let me know what wildlife you encounter in your garden.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Fox eating food

Fox sleeping under a picnic table

The fox had an afternoon nap underneath the picnic table

Fox startled by a noise from over the back

Photobombing fox

Our Fox photobombing some of my outdoor portrait sessions.

Fox in the spring

Posing this time in our flower beds


Looking around the garden for food

The winning photo

Most of the time he ignored the birds

Making an appearance in the late evening sunshine

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