A Woodland Walk

A Walk in the Woods


I thought I would take myself out for a walk to a nearby woodland.  Now it’s quite hard to spot any sort of composition in a forest, mainly because of all the branches and leaves going off in all directions throughout the scene.  The leaves and other foliage seemed bright like a luminescence that I haven’t seen before.  It looked like everything had a dose of saturation from photoshop although this was before any photos were taken.  Luckily, as I was coming to the point in the walk where I was about to turn around, a glow that caught my eye in amongst the very green leaves.  I realised it was light bouncing off the stripped bark of the tree below which made it stand out amongst the surrounding foliage.


Setting up

So the next thing was to set up my tripod in the dense bracken underfoot.  All was well until I mounted my camera –  the added weight made one of the legs slowly sink into the earth!  After re-jigging the tripod and a composition set up that I was pleased with, I set about taking the shot.  1/8sec f18 IS0 400.  It was very windy so the slow shutter speed picked out movement in some of the leaves.  I tried a shot with a faster shutter speed but was happier with the first effort.

Back Home

Back at base, in the editing programme lightroom, I found the foliage still far too bright so I toned it down a little bit.  All that was left to do was add a vignette and do some selective dodging and burning on the tree.

I titled this the ‘Bracken Beacon’ on Instagram which I think was quite apt for the glow that this old tree was giving off on that windy day on my woodland walk.








A glowing tree stands tall above some bracken in a woodland near Cliffe Marshes

A tree glowing in a Woodland near Cliffe Marshes in Kent.

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