About Me

A little about me.


I’m from Gravesend in Kent.  It was here as a child  that I became absorbed by photography.  I used to watch and ‘assist’ my dad in his dark room, waiting for the images to appear after “X” amount of seconds in the developer, followed by a solution of fixer and then hang the prints on a line to dry.  This all took place in a room filled with dim red lighting so that it didn’t affect the developing process.  

I was enthralled by the process and, as soon as I could afford it in the ‘80’s, I bought my first SLR camera.   I had many hours of fun taking all sorts of images and, in 1995, I was asked to shoot a wedding which I was honoured to do.   I bought myself a Bronica medium format camera for this event.  Luckily it worked out well and I was pleased with the results and so were the bride and groom, which led to more wedding work for me.  My ‘day job’ in Engineering gave me the opportunity to further my photographic career when I was asked to carry out some commercial work for the Company, and this progressed to commissions from work colleagues to take family photos.  

Nowadays I am using full frame digital DSLRs and Canon PRO spec lenses alongside the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop for the post processing side.  Things have progressed slightly from the dark room procedure!

Always capturing the correct exposure completely in focus is one of the most important elements when taking a photo, but it does not stop there.  For me, of equal importance is how your photos are taken care of and stored once taken.

For those never to be repeated moments such as weddings, I use a camera with duel card slots to ensure that the images are backed up at source.  Once home they are transferred  to my computer and then backed up to a second hard drive.  The images are backed up again to an off-site cloud server in case of theft or fire.  They really are treated like gold dust.  I also have full liability insurance. 

Please have a look at the small selection of images on this site and contact me if you have any questions.  I am a strong believer in great customer service and want clients to go away happy with my images.

Thanks for your time.