Lipstick taken in the studio

Cosmetic Studio Shot

Lipstick taken in the studio

Cosmetic studio photography

Here is an image taken the other day of some cosmetics in my studio. I lit the shot from above with one strobe and diffused the light with some white perspex material. This gives the nice graduated glow on the black perspex base.  I then placed a light off to the right with a large softbox which diffused the light and pushed some additional light back onto the edge of the cosmetics.

Patience is needed to keep the lipsticks in the right place on the plexiglass as they move very easily.  A few strategically placed thin pieces of paper were used to stop them rolling.

Tethered Capture

I tethered my camera to my laptop to give a bigger image. I find this slows the process down and aids composition when you view these images on a bigger screen.

Original image

The picture below is the image straight out of the camera and, if you look closely you can see a lot of dust had settled during the shoot.   Because of the small aperture, dust on the camera sensor is more apparent and I removed this by using the healing brush in photoshop. The head of the lipstick was smoothed out slightly and the reflections from the softbox in the water droplets off to the right were also removed.

The result is a nice clean image of some cosmetics taken in the studio.

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