Razor Back Craft Beer Ringwood Brewery

Razor Back Beer Bottle


Craft Beer Shot

For those tuning in to find a blog on shaving your back, well I’m sorry to disappoint.

Razor Back is a craft beer and one of the perks of taking photos of beer is, of course, the fun of taking the empties back to the bottle bank with the stench of stale alcohol wafting around your car.

Using a shutter speed of 1/250 @ f8 ISO 100 ensured that no ambient light was going to be messing with the lighting, which meant that there was no interference of the studio strobes. It also helped to maintain a black background.


Lighting was two strip boxes either side using some diffusion material to make it a softer fall off of light around the edges and then backlit.

I will be disposing of the bottle carefully but I shall make sure that the contents don’t go to waste either. ¬†Well, someone had to drink it!



Razor Back Craft Beer Ringwood Brewery

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