Poppies in a field

Poppies in a field was one of my favourite photos this year. I was trying out a new camera body and accidentally picked up my original 50mm kit lens from 1987.

First Canon EOS

1987 was the year Canon first bought out their EOS system on a film camera and this 50mm was the lens it came with. What Canon did at that time was forward thinking.  They developed a system which evolved into the digital era of photography and this lens is still fully compatible with todays Canon camera bodies.  Even though there is now the EOS R which has a new mount, they created an adaptor to which the older lenses can attach.

Here is the photo taken a few months ago using a 32 year old lens. They may well be expensive things lenses but, looked after, you sure get your moneys worth.  Long may its aperture blades keep closing!



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