Abstract sunflower




Recently I have been back in the studio creating some abstract sunflower images for stock agencies. I initially tried taking a portion of the sunflower head on a white background with a key light with a soft box off to the right and my lastolite background with one bare flash strobe firing into the cavity giving an even white background.

I think this looks good as an abstract image especially with a square crop.

Abstract sunflower

Roll in the dark background

So on now to my very dark brown canvas background where I tried to get some nice brown yellow colour combo’s going.

I decided to make this a square crop also as it seems to hold the composition better.

Lens Choice

Both images were taken on a Canon 100mm macro 2.8 IS lens which gives superb quality and sharpness and is my “go to” lens for this type of shot, although there is a narrow depth of field and the focal point of the image was the flower at centre left, making it pop from the page.

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Sunflowers against a brown canvas


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