Young woman clutching hands black and white copy space

The result of one flash

Happy New Year!

Well to bring in the new year I decided to give a new strip soft box light modifier a try.

The idea being to try and get some low key images which had a certain simplicity to them. Armed with the Canon 1DX on a tripod this time as I usually shoot hand holding I set about taken a series of images in profile with different poses

Charlotte 1/250 sec f8 ISO 100


I decided on this shoot that I would take some profile shots of my model Charlotte. After some serious shots I cracked a joke about something and she gave out this lovely smile. A first for me she never normally laughs at my jokes and caught on camera. Anyway it turned out to be one of the best shots of the session.

Post Processing.

Not a great deal was done to the image in post other than a mono conversion and I did originally extend the canvas to the left to give Charlotte more space to look into and give a more isolated look to it but I think it took away the impact of the original expression.

Please feel free to comment on any images that I post or have any questions on anything.


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