swede whole and mashed with parsley

Using natural light for food photography.

You don’t always need flash.

You don’t need expensive strobes to get some decent food photography. Here I just used natural window light from a north facing window to give a nice soft light to the image and what’s more it is free.

My camera was mounted above on a sturdy tripod and with an aperture of f16 a shutter speed of 4 seconds was required at ISO 100.  Using this shutter speed meant that I could keep the swede and the mash in focus but slightly throw the wooden floor out of focus just a little bit


Using flash isn’t always necessary its about using the right light for the job in hand and sometimes there is no better light than diffused window light. The benefit with flash is that you can control or modify the light a bit easier in my experience.

Have a go.

Still life window light photography is something everyone can have a go at. The thing you really need to do is keep your camera steady so a tripod is great however, just supporting your camera on a flat surface and using the self timer to trip the shutter will let you take a longer exposure possibly needed for this type of shot.

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